Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Humanity: The true wonder of the world

Hello there everybody! Hope you're doing fine! As we say goodbye to the month of September 2010, another month awaits us with unknown opportunities and events. You might embark on a new adventure or perhaps you might just achieve that one goal in life you've always dreamed about! Believe in yourself and you will be amazed at what you are capable of, for there is no better a tutor than self-confidence in any walk of life. Before we get excited about what the next month has in store for us, let's sit down, have a cup of tea and think about a long forgotten but easily remembered word called Humanity. Everyone would have heard about this word. Some use this to enable good deeds and some, well...try to enable it for their own selfish gains. However, the former is more dwarfed compared to the latter. How and why, you ask? That's a very good question. The answer to this question lies right in front of our eyes but many do not even attempt to look at it. Instead, they seek to look past it and end up wrecking their lives. It doesn't stop here though, for the actions performed by an individual will at some point, have an impact on society as well. Hence, in the long run, others are affected by it too. Some overcome it and improve their lives and for some who are unfortunate, bend their will and accept it as truth. When Humanity, that known but yet unknown wonder hidden deep inside of us falls, everything righteous and good cease and get destroyed.

Indeed it's happening as we speak, or read if you prefer. The concept of Humanity is on a steady decline in the whole world today. It's not just one particular country or continent or a city or even a village. It just happens everywhere and even though we get a thought, it remains as a thought. There are very few who actually strive to convert that thought into reality. Even their efforts are either in vain or fall on deaf ears as anti-social elements strike them down. This is where the true purpose of Humanity is lost. Unity magically disappears when there is a need to fight for a good cause and instead fear is born out of it. This known truth might be sour or even unbearably bitter to your eyes and ears but unfortunately it IS reality. We have the power to change this harsh reality into a world called paradise. We have the ability to do it and we have the knowledge to do it as well. So why do we fail in this area alone? Why do we fail in the most simplest yet the most vital part of our life?

It's said that an example explains stuff better than anything (or at least I believe it to be so). Let's take a simple example: How many times have you seen the news and heard about innocent people being imprisoned for many years just because they crossed what would seem to be the "borders" between two places? And said imprisonment continues for a long time even after they are proven to be innocent until it's exposed! Or how many times have you seen news channels popularize a calamity so much that they hold debates which stretch on for hours or in some cases even weeks? How do you think that the people who actually went through that ordeal would feel living it all over again everytime they turn on their TV sets or go outside? You also might want to recall the last time you saw a reporter faithfully doing his "duty" and showing you a person suffering on the ground for a lot of time instead of helping him. These aren't the only times when Humanity bows down it's head in an agonizing silence.

For crying out loud, people talk about the concept of "our world" and yet love to point a finger against those who supposedly "tresspass" inside what they say "my area, my country". Don't get me wrong, those are of course measures set in place to remove people with bad intentions but most of the time, those very bad people end up getting away. One pressing thing is that Humanity always banks upon a certain thing called trust and right now, it's not available in plenty. Because of atrocious activities done by some people, every single human is viewed as a suspect today. Trust is very hard to win over and it is rightfully so for only the righteous achieve it. But right now, trust is being discarded like a use and throw material by many.

I'll tell you guys one thing which I believe with all of my heart: If only every human viewed another as just another human being like himself/herself, then any darn or damn problem in the world could be solved. World peace? Done. No wars? Done. Solve your problem with the next-door neighbour? Done. You name it, there IS a solution to it. Can anyone in the world achieve any sort of world peace or something like that without this pre-requisite? It's beyond impossible. It won't be the real deal. People will change again and go back to the old ways. The solution is to not to force the concept of Humanity on people. People themselves should know and understand it. Yes of course, this is nearly impossible. But there's a nice difference between what's nearly impossible and what's beyond impossible. The former means that a chance does exist no matter how small or insignificant and the latter as it says, less than zero percent. There's a starting point for the first one and with determination, one could transform something which is nearly impossible into a nearly possible scenario.

I'll dwell upon one last point. How long and how much effort would it cost us to think that we are human beings like everyone around us? Nothing. It costs absolutely nothing and takes almost no time and what's more, it transforms you into a better individual. Think Human first, not American or Indian or French or German or British. Remember that no matter what, whether on the other side of the world or having better looks or not looking better or have different beliefs and what not, EVERYONE in the world is still another human being just like YOU. Let the human in you come first and everything else later. Think human and empathize as a human. You will eventually gain ultimate understanding above all others. Have a great time! ^_^

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