Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Magic of Little Things

The importance of little things has always remained a core aspect of my thoughts for a very long time and I doubt that there's anything which would say otherwise. Many times or should I say, for most of our life, joy and sadness arises from those little things which develop over a course of time. Everything starts small and grows healthier the more it is "fed". Sometimes they can make a big difference for someone or everyone. For example, your smile can brighten up an otherwise gloomy day of your friends and dear ones and it makes you happy as well! A simple and sweet "Happy Birthday" can make a person very happy on his/her birthday. Parents taking time out
to spend time with their children can make a huge difference in bonding between the two. These are just some of the very many examples out there in the world.

It is said "from a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame". There's no bigger a truth than this! Everything we see today might well be something which grew out of something small. This is true for both the good and the bad side. Understanding between people will eventually blossom into great friendship. At the same time, misunderstanding between people will eventually breed anger, hatred and misconception. In the beginning it would look almost negligible but will slowly grow into such a catastrophe that the root cause is almost forgotten. People would then try to solve the problem but alas, that alone will not be enough. The real solution lies in tracing the roots of the problem in order to eliminate it. Let's take the positive side. Just imagine that you cross a certain person everyday on your way to work or on the road or anywhere. Now add a little something to it. You smile and wish him/her every time you happen to meet. Now after a long time, just think that you've stopped that practice and you instead ignore that person. What would happen? That very person, even if he/she were a stranger, would come up to you and inquire if you were not well or if you were falling on bad times. That's how much difference a small but great thing can make!

You would have heard about people who don't spend time with their parents either because they're busy or they simply make excuses for it. Looking deeper into this, some of them do this because they had it the same way before. Remember that I talked about parents finding time to go and spend some time with their children? Unfortunately, that wouldn't have happened in this case. Just think about it. Just because the parents didn't want to do a nice little thing which would have ensured a closer bond with their children, they would reap bitter rewards for the rest of their lifetime. They would have money, a nice home and all facilities in the world. But an important thing would be missing: the fond vision to stay as a happy family. However, there are some who realize that revenge is the wrong way and eventually create happy memories later on. But in the end, the little things we have done in the past will eventually catch up with us, whether they were negligible or not worth bothering at that moment.

There's also a famous example about tyrants ruling with terror among innocent people. Those tyrants fear more than the people who are affected because they know that one day, someone, however small he/she may be will rise up and bring about their destruction as surely as the sun rises and sets everyday. This is made good by our day to day stories and examples in real life as well. India's struggle for independence is a good example in itself when we look at Mahatma Gandhi's use of simple but powerful things called non-violence and righteousness. Therefore, let's not underestimate the incalculable power of little things in our life because they eventually have the power to make or break moments, to separate or bring people together and in the end, make our life happier or more tragic. With this food for thought, I'm now off to the real world. Adios!

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