Friday, April 10, 2009

The Indian Premier League is back!

So finally on April 18th we get to see IPL's second season.......on the TV. Yeah I know it's a bit depressing not having to support your team live from the ground but you can still show them your support on TV! If you are feeling like *cough* NOOO I HAVE TO BE THERE LIVE!!! *cough* then it's all nice and shiny provided you have the cash to shell out for a long trip to South Africa and the return ticket as well(Can't forget this lifesaver now can we? :D)
Still there are people who cannot afford or choose to watch from the comfort of their homes(Can't blame 'em, they have the comfort advantage) which works out well for most fans. I haven't been to a single cricket match since I was small(too small enough to barely know what cricket was) but I did want to go and feel what an IPL match is like. Too bad it had to be moved out of the country. Perhaps if IPL was given a seperate window by the ICC it MIGHT have been postponed and could have been held in India. Still IPL is IPL whereever it goes but as the Indian players remarked: The home crowd is THE home crowd!
The first season of the IPL was a huge success pitting players all over the world against their own teammates in a wonderful one and a half month fixture of matches. All matches were simply mindblowing and the Rajasthan Royals sure did live up to their word when Shane Warne said:"Watch us. We will bounce back." And boy bounce back they did! They bounced so hard that they ended up being the IPL champions! What's more......they didn't have a proper coach. This year they return, with renewed vigor and determination to be the champions all over again. Do I think they have a chance? Heck they have thousand times a chance! And so do other teams as well. A lot of changes has been made in all teams after looking back on their wins and losses so I believe this time it's gonna be closer and faster than you can say "WAIT WHAT?"
There are lots of clashes to be seen and the runs will start churning out like theres no tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Oh does start on 18th so you have to wait! Gotta love PJs! :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Hibernation in progress!

Looks like it's been a long long time since I made a post over here(perhaps 2 to 3 months!) and to call it a break would make most laugh but hibernation would make most agree. ^_^
Lot's of things have happened as we know about the usual news making their way into our lives whether through mass media or through newspapers, Christmas celebrations and the end of the year 2008. Just like previous years, this one has it's own share of memorable moments as well as those horrifying moments of pain which made us come closer through the bridge leading to the wonderful character of humanity. The new year was welcomed by everyone but still the pain was ever persistent when we saw it strike early on new year's day. Many have suffered time and time again and yet people are a little hesitant to lead for themselves against that pain and support the phrase "Be the change". There are people however who have really done their part to lend a helping hand to the needy at the right time and some are recognized, some remain as unsung heroes of the nation. Let's hope that this new year 2009 brings not only resolutions for the good, but the real unity that is lacking amongst us.
The previous year also had it's own tale to tell about the financial woes which shook the very foundations of the world. The drop in markets around the world had a great impact not only on the IT industry but also in every nook and corner of all fields and led to many companies jumping into a "safe mode" of sorts by cutting down their usual recruitment numbers and existing jobs as well. This financial depression was given company by a distant cousin named "Inflation" which was the terror of every common man's effort to make daily ends meet. It will sure come down with time just like the financial crisis(also infamously known as the recession). However inflation seems to falling at a rate which would make most happy and most companies have started to recover slowly from the global downfall as well.
But let's not stick only with the troubled times for the winds of joy and excitement existed and will continue to exist in the future as well! In 2008 we had the variation of one of the most exciting formats of cricket, The Indian Premier League(abbreviated as the IPL). Cricket is best enjoyed in the normal 50 over formats and the classic test matches but the Twenty20 format brought home a whole new experience which drew in all kinds of people. Twenty20 created the atmosphere of fast paced thrilling matches with batsmen hitting all over the ground and bowlers hungering for that next big wicket. There was also the Olympics held in China which was a highlight in sporting events with talents from all over the world. The swimmer Michael Phelps broke through the rest of the competition to amaze the world with 8 gold medals! We had valuable performers in Abhinav Bindra who made India proud with his gold medal and boxers who fought with all their might to try and do their best.
All in all 2008 was an unpredictable mixture of sweet and sour.
I know people who are reading this post might think: "Hey this guy didn't even cover even half of the important stuff which happened in the last year!". I share your sympathies and would like to add that I haven't covered even 25% of stuff because it's a bit late here and I gotta sign off now. Let's wish for a much better 2009 in which everyone realises what they are supposed to do to make their lives peaceful and better. Adios! :)