Friday, September 10, 2010

First impressions of a soul at work

And so it came to pass that in those days I would no longer be a student but a working individual who has to handle responsibility sooner or later.......okay I'll stop uttering a prophecy and get to the real thing! I'm going to miss those wonderful days spent with my friends at college and at school, and of course the overall miracle that is a student's life. But then again I have moved on to bigger things which will make my life better as I'm now stepping out into the wide world for everyone to see. The best thing is that I can still meet up with all my friends and it's great to see them succeeding in their lives as well.

It's really not the end of the world when you move into this phase, only that you have to leave something behind to grow into a successful individual. The "say goodbye to one of the most wonderful times in your life" something. Hard to forget and hard to leave behind. People would say:that's life. I would say: take the best part of that phase in your life, add a little excitement, determination for the future and stir well (clockwise, or anti-clockwise if you prefer) for an amazing combination. Then sit back, relax (not really) and watch as you ascend higher and higher onto the planes of happiness.

Anyways, enough with that sort of stuff. First day at work was a strange mixture of excitement and expectation for me. It was nearly similar to what I had imagined and as the days passed by, it was a smooth process for me to make a transition into the work environment. But I still held on to what was or rather what was left of my student life and convinced myself that as long as I was in training I could still coax myself into the false impression that I was still technically a student. It was both right and wrong at the same time, both maintaining a sense of equilibrium. It was purely right because I had to have that urge to learn as a student and it was absolutely wrong because I also had to change myself into a contributor, an employee who gives his best rather than sitting in the dark looking at false images. So far my training has gone well and I have also been interested in learning all the concepts which spring up from time to time. I do have confidence in myself that one day (which is soon, honestly!) I would transform myself into someone who strives forward for achievements while keeping all of his life's memories with him on the way. It's both easy and hard to do it.

So how have you guys felt when the time came for the big change in your life? Were you like "Whole speed ahead!!" or perhaps you had to caution yourself with every step you took in today's industrial world? Don't worry about the steps you take as long as it shapes you into the person you want to be in the world's tomorrow. But don't forget the memories of yesterday though. Look into the future and you are a good candidate to succeed. Take the past, learn from it and then look into the future, you WILL succeed. And with that, I say Good Evening folks! ^_^

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