Monday, September 6, 2010

Assignments, Deadlines and hectic weeks of work!

How many of you experience those weeks which make you feel all worn out and longing for the weekend? I suppose everyone in every job faces this situation either when the workload becomes too much or if they are running behind deadlines which should have been met a long time ago. The former is manageable with a steady pace but the latter is what strikes fear into every worker's heart. Everyone loves the sound of deadlines which simply whoosh past you like the wind. Yes it would be great if all they did was blow past but unfortunately they go past and take us with them as well......right into oblivion.

One second we find ourselves frantically trying to outdo ourselves beyond our capacity to get that job done before the last minute ticks off and the next, you find yourself face to face with the ever terrifying possibility: it's time to face the music...err...the boss. These kind of meetings are often not pretty and leave people wishing that they had managed to finish their tasks ahead of their deadlines. Prior planning before starting a task is a good practice in order to prepare yourself for the obstacles ahead. The most important thing, however, is adapting the plan according to the situation as required. This will implement flexibility in your plans and allow you to overcome any difficulty without much effort.

Let's consider that I have a task (or an assignment) which I need to complete in approximately 5 days. The first step I would think of taking would be to break down the effort required into five portions, each comprising of 20% of the task. It would be better of course to plan for 4 days rather than five as it would enable you an extra day in case something goes wrong at the last moment. The next part I should concentrate on is, no prizes for guessing, concentration. It's really no use if I plan well and ahead for a task but instead end up not following it. It's as good as not planning at all. I feel that following these base guidelines would help people get started (if not get a clear idea about what they need to do) as it's the hardest thing to do. Once we get started, we find to our own surprise that we automatically travel to where we need/want to be.

So what do we need to succeed in our day to day tasks? All we need to do is quit sitting there planning for eternity and begin doing it with a base plan! Let the plan evolve with you, change with you and most of all adapt with you. And while you guys adapt to this, it's time for me to stop lazing around and return to the task at hand. Good Luck! :D

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