Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Transformers: The invisible car

No, no, no. I'm really not planning to actually bring out a sequel to the Transformers movies nor am I trying to create a fan-fictional story about it. We all love good sci fi stuff and those fancy gadgets never fail to impress us. We would love to have them implemented in real life don't we (except those mad blood thirsty human killing robots of course!)? I saw an "implementation" of that very thing in my life a few days back. Or should I say a rather "pretendable" way of bringing it to life.

A few days back I was traveling in a bus which was crowded so much that you would begin to wonder why you had suppressed that urge of waiting for the next bus when in reality, time was running out and you had to reach a place within a short amount of time. There was this certain middle aged individual who looked not too shabby but also wasn't dressed up as though he was having the time of his life over here. He had managed to secure a prized window seat and was chatting on his cellphone for a long time. The conductor was busy moving through the crowd with great difficulty and was yelling at people to buy their tickets if they hadn't gotten them already. Just another normal scene in a bus you would think. Correct. However, the cellphone guy wanted to make this day more than normal though.

The passenger sitting next to him wasn't exactly annoyed by his constant jabbering but it looked like he was reconsidering his decision of sitting next to him. When a little relief appeared in the form of the individual saying goodbye on the phone, it certainly turned out to be a blend of both relief and amusement. The middle aged fellow suddenly transformed into a mad scientist and said into his phone: "Alright then. It's a bit hard hearing your voice now that we've entered a heavy traffic zone. Besides I'm driving my car and it's hard to keep speaking. I'll call you when I reach home."

I wonder if I was shocked at that moment but the passenger sitting next to him certainly was. His incredulous looks at the other man went unnoticed (or perhaps ignored for the sake of maintaining his "image") as the person proceeded to keep his cellphone in his shirt pocket. I don't know about you guys but this is perhaps the first time I've seen a person elegantly transform a boring bus atmosphere into that of a cool airconditioned one of a luxurious car.
However, he does deserve a lot of credit for expelling the treacherous thing called boredom out of my mind for the rest of the journey. But this came with an added side effect as well: I was grinning stupidly till I reached my friend's house.

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