Monday, August 16, 2010

A new look, a new phase and a new post!

Whoa! It's been a long time (I think the word "ages" would fit better over here)since I decided to write a new post. Now I'm fairly aware that many people are initially enthusiastic about blogging but as time passes, the interest wears out after a while and in the end, those people forget that they had once started a blog. Very few survive in this process, most of them being already dedicated bloggers who used to keep a diary from time to time (Blogging is the digitized version of your very own diary but of course without your private stuff) and few being the newcomers in the area (with great determination of course). So where do I fall into this? You would have already guessed it from the difference in the gap in my post dates. I have never kept a diary in my life and I'am a newbie in the vast blogosphere.

Time passes fast. When I woke up today and visited my blog, I was indeed surprised to find that my previous post was done a year back! It's been somewhat of a wild ridefrom last year to today considering that I have finally landed a job in the Software Industry. My aim was to get into the Software sector of the IT industry and thank God (and goodness!) that it came true (I suppose I wouldn't mind going into other fields but then again, I think I would sleep through! I'm a B.E.ECE graduate by the way).

Training is going on over here which promises to shape me into a completely different individual at the end which I'm sure will happen. Alright then, I bid adieu to all of you with a new look on the blog and a new phase in my life!

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