Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Inevitable Writer's block (No I dont mean a building >.<)

As some of you must be wondering if I've gone mad looking at the unnecessary description given in the title then rest assured that I'am not! As many of you read novels and know a lot of writers, you must be knowing about the popular and yet infamous writer's block. In case you haven't come across it yet, I'll gladly explain with what little knowledge I have in the hope that you might be satisfied with it. ^_^
A case of writer's block is at large when an author is unable to write anything in his novel or proceed forward to another article. It generally means that either he doesn't get an idea or he is simply unable to bring himself to continue along the path the idea has laid out for him. The cause can be anything from personal preference to inability to implement the idea immediately. The cure? The only cure for this might be best to wait it out until you are comfortable to continue or probably do what I did in my case: force myself to write a post. :P
Yup you heard that right, I forced myself to break the long drought by writing this very post which you are reading right now! I couldn't get to post anything for about a month or so(as you would see if you compared the previous post's date with this one) which I did think was a little strange. I guess I was resigned to the fact that it was because I simply didn't get any suitable ideas to take the shape of a post. Still one month is a ridiculously long period for someone who is called a well...........semi-active blogger(:P). Just today I was having a conversation with one of my friends through instant messaging. I simply told him that I thought I might be having a case of the writer's block. He told that I might be right and he gave me a suggestion: "Why not title your next post as the writer's block?" This might be obvious to others but it just didn't strike me before this.
Ever since he said that, ideas sprang up into my mind for a new post: each daring the other one to go ahead of it as though they were fighting for utmost superiority. I really have to thank my friend for enabling me to finally break my "break" and for a new post written after a long time! Alright then people cyaz and have fun! Good luck! ^_^

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  1. Good one ! I sometimes run out of ideas in exam hall and am all blank. Can we call that "exam block" ? :D