Friday, October 31, 2008

Thanking you........yours virtually!

A lot of us have surely experienced the fun and frolic involved in video games(or should I say consoles for a better term for the current generation and the next) with our friends or against the ever eager-to-try-and-defeat-you Artificial Intelligence(AI). These games allow us to have a virtual feel of life such as commanding troops to shoot down the oncoming assault or getting your next mission to slay that pesky monster. So sharpen up your instincts and especially your determination! For here is a virtual enemy that doesn't like to lose no matter what (Unless of course you are toasted at it's first attempt to destroy you).
We have seen the evolution of games from the classic arcade games to the popular nintendo 8-bit entertainment system(Remember those hours spent on mario? Aww comeon you must have been really frustrated of not having a save game option if you played it right now :D) to the basic DOS games on PC(Ahh classics!) and finally here we are looking at a wide variety of games across various platforms! There are various genres including action,adventure,sports etc but I'm going to try and cover one genre which has taken the gaming world by storm before and still is doing that right now. It is known as MMORPG(Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game).
I won't go into the various MMO's as it is shortly referred to as right now. There are many of them and each one of them offers a different type of content which might attract certain types of users while others might prefer something else. This is because each person has a unique interest in different types of genres. MMOs generally offer a escape into a world filled with fun,other players,bad bad monsters,lag(Of course this is your first ever friend ^_^),still even more bad guys called bosses.......well you get the idea. One of the most important aspect of an MMORPG is its community. This is the reason why it is called as an MMO. If you would rather that you play alone rather than make friends and have even more fun socialising while playing the game, then well you are better off playing a offline game with only AI to stare at on the screen. Believe me it's much better and more fun to actually interact in a MMO.
I'm in India and this country has received the broadband type of connections a little later than other parts of the world. As you know broadband connections of atleast 256KBPS are required if you want to play an MMO smooth as it was intended to be played. The first ever MMOs here were Ragnarok and A3. I haven't played A3 but I have heard that it has amazing 3D graphics and all. Ragnarok well is completely different with 3D environments coupled with 2D style characters which look good as well. It's really fun playing the game as you start off from a basic character with nothing to lose and grow powerful one day, able to smash apart the big bad bosses themselves. The game is entirely built upon the levelling system which encourages the player to kill a lot of monsters and rewarding them with "levels" which enable the player to increase his abilities. All in all playing Ragnarok is fun but it can become so addictive that one day you might get up and scream "How in the world did one year go by?!!"
There are many other MMOs in the world. Some of the most popular ones right now are WoW(World of Warcraft), Age of Conan, Perfect World etc. Like I said each MMO offers different content, so one MMO may boast of many players with amazing graphics and gameplay while another may tell of a wonderful storyline with its own share of loyal players. Alright then I guess thats it for now. Just remember to keep a balance between the real world and the virtual world so that you don't get caught up in the virtual reality! Cyaz and have fun! ^_^

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  1. The final words of "keeping a balance" reminds me of a frnd who took to gaming as an option to escape from the real world tasks. I read in an article that it is similar to a drug addict's behavioral trait. So we better be careful not to get too much into VR.