Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Your personal superhero

         Imagine if you have your very own superhero who by his/her will wants to help you out from the next thing you want to persuade your father and buy to listening to the rants we have about how that food we are eating is not satisfactory enough (and puts up with those). Sounds nice? Sounds exciting? We already have that. We just don't take notice of it that much. Who is that? What is that which this crazy writer is talking about? Is it Superman? Did we get Batman himself to be our personal agent? One word can answer that: Mother. Yup your mom. The same mom who you think nags all day to get you to do what she wants. Today's young thinkers like fantasy where magic and super powers rule over the power of reality. We don't realize how gifted we are in having a magical person like that.
Who said superheroes are the ones who save the whole world with amazing powers? This superhero stays consistent to save YOUR world every single day and every second. This person over here goes to extreme lengths (even to the extent where we would not expect) in order to ensure your needs are met which IS amazing. There is nothing expected in return. Not even recognition or a nobel prize. Just an acknowledgement that whatever is done is appreciated. Probably the least we can do. Remember that this does not happen to everyone or everytime. Be enlightened and be appreciative of the wonderful gift of a person who we cannot repay in any amount of money or lives. A simple thing which would not require even 0.1% of our attention span or brainpower. We still have 99% of that to spend on other stuff in life so set aside at least a little for someone who really deserves it.
We love to sleep and wake up late (no I'm not looking at you early risers) and make up excuses to prolong that snooze a bit more. Your superhero (or superheroine) makes sure you are up and going with whatever you need for the day just by waking up earlier than you can imagine. With this supreme effort which takes a lot of determination and willpower, she makes sure that the whole household begins the day without a hitch. Now don't get me wrong here. There are a lot of fathers who do just the same as how mothers take care of the house. The ratio is just slightly lesser compared to mothers. Could be due to the fact that they have to report to work. All I'm saying here is to not ignore or underestimate the work your superhero (mom) accomplishes in the morning hours itself. Most of it is behind the scenes since we don't get off our behinds and actually witness it.
From the moment you step into the world for the first time clutching on for your dear life to the moment when you proudly declare on the mic in front of a huge crowd regarding your accomplishments, your mom does not leave your side. The most powerful thing is this: whether the world appreciates you or spits on you, she shields you and protects you with the best she can. If that cannot convince you then how about the fact that she would sacrifice her needs in order to give you a better life? A lot of us have seen and heard about these wonderful people giving up their meals for the day in order to ensure that the little guys/girls do not go hungry. Combine this with fathers and you get a new MEGAZORD- I mean parents. Parents are those who combine (link special powers if you want) their strengths and save your world. The next time you plan your schedule, force yourself to include some quality time with them. That quality time will end up making you smile forever.

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