Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Have you brightened up the world yet?

Everybody has some talent within them. Whether it's juggling a lot of items along with a favourite pastime of watching your movie (Don't try this at home kids) or an invention inside that brain waiting to be made, you may just have the required talent to get yourself noticed in the world. What stops people from going to the next level? Is it their own confidence? Is it pressure from society to become one thing and never become what they wanted? Is it because of financial problems? The answer to all of these lies in the questions themselves and also with the person who does have a dream of making it to the place which was supposed to be. The problem and the root cause is: people tend to follow famous personalities a little too much than create famous personalities from their own creativity.

Lot of people in the world are really happy to stand by and watch. A lot of them are also wondering why they didn't do something for which they would be proud of. A talent is not just meant to be a money spinner. You could use your talents in order to make the world a better place. Offering or volunteering for charity is one of the ways to help and the best part is it improves your own way of doing things. The creativity inside grows with experience and experiments since little can be achieved if you just think and not act on it. Learning from others gives a wealth of experience but learning from yourself can also help you figure out the real key to a hidden potential.

Don't get me wrong here. There is a lot of stuff you can learn by following the ones who have actually succeeded in what they wanted. But at the same time, considering that your life might be different compared to theirs, it cannot be taken as a "How To" manual. It's one thing to always know that you can learn a lot of things from everyone. It's completely different and misleading to think that you should also be successful by emulating their actions. This is where your own talent comes and plays such an important role. Often one's own talent is ignored for the effort spent into trying to imitate someone else. You may have been able to achieve something through a tried and tested method but you could just be hiding a special something in you which would revolutionize the entire concept you actually sought to imitate. One of the best things to have while aiming for success is to never overestimate yourself and importantly: to never underestimate yourself. 
For you might be the answer you were looking for in order to take the top by storm.

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