Saturday, September 6, 2008

The perfect sleeper

Just the other day I was discussing with my friend about how much time should be dedicated for sleep in the night. He told me that he sleeps at about 2 a.m in the morning and wakes at about 1 p.m or so in the afternoon. I was shocked when I compared this to mine. Usually I manage about a maximum of seven to eight hours of sleep in the night which varies a lot depending when I sleep. Anytime more makes me feel as if I have just recovered from an illness which has left me deprived of energy. This prods me everytime I feel too sleepy to wake up after the usual 8 hours. So what is the perfect number which doesn't make you feel empty but instead with the "rested" feeling? I would say it might vary from person to person depending on how much stress and physical work they do through the day. I did start following the 7 to 8 hours sleep theory once I found out that it was somewhat good for me. I guess some people like sleeping so much that they follow it whenever possible! So adieu for now, have fun! ^_^


  1. Okay, it ranges from 0 to 18 hours of sleep for me. Thats pretty.... variable.

    Anyhow, need to talk to you, catch you on yahoo tomorrow.

    P.S. Best of luck with the blog.

  2. "Obey the body" has been my mantra for sleep. Around 5 to 6 hours is fine for me. But there are times when I have gone sleepless for 50-60 hours (when the last working day is approaching and I have a record to complete !!). After one such stint, I remember sleeping around 18 hours at a trot !