Monday, January 31, 2011

Probation: The Silent Watcher

Every employee has experienced it at some point of his/her life. None have been able to (or can) avoid it. The testing time for an employee begins the moment he sets foot into an organization, whether he's worth a truckload of experience or a newbie looking to make it big in the corporate world. Probation is the name of the game which specializes in testing your potential and especially both your attitude and patience. This is the one phase which can make or break an employee's career for it can provide that much needed boost to climb up the slippery promotional ladder or it can also add to one's despair by greasing that ladder enough to make you fall to oblivion.

The corporate world welcomes employees by inaugurating the unavoidable gateway in your job called Probation. This is the time where you get a golden opportunity to give that vital first impression to your boss and your colleagues. At this period of time, you will be constantly watched for everything you do mark my words. You would do well to remember that your colleagues come in the junior(probably in age) and the senior(experience or age) flavors. Both are equally important to consider as the friendship or relations you create with them can have a great impact on how you shape your work atmosphere for the future. They have been in the organization before you. You're entering into uncharted territory and making friends rather than foes can help you progress along the way. Respect and admiration from both sides is the key to that fine beginning here.

One of the main things to look at next is how you handle and react to your mistakes and, other's as well. Get a little too tensed and you might drop low in the stress testing area. Stay too cool and you might be taken for someone who isn't very determined in work. The elusive balancing act is to show seriousness and stay calm at the same time. Making a mistake is not wrong and making up for it in a better way can propel you by leaps and bounds. It shows people that you aren't afraid to take responsibility and convinces them that you are eager to learn and improve. The most dreadful thing one can do is to lie than admit a mistake. Remember that your boss will be more open to supporting you when you tell him/her the truth. One lie, one discovery and your career is as good as yesterday's rotten tomato. And that one bad thing might just become the catalyst for an unwanted impression on you: the lack of trust. The bottomline is: Show them what you are capable of, learn from your mistakes and always be honest in your work.

The final thing is the work itself. Be sure to complete your work on time and you will leave with a happy mind everyday(and a happy boss). Never miss a deadline as it is one of the attributes which show your dedication to your task at hand. Always stick to the given task and discuss any concerns or grievances with your boss beforehand. It wouldn't do good to inform the boss about a difficulty at the last minute which could have been solved a long time back. It would only serve to demote yourself in his/her eyes and repetition of this can stunt your career graph by a large margin. You must prove that you are a dependable person who always does his/her best to finish any task assigned at any point of time for life in the corporate world is comprised of change and adaptability. Often you would have to reinvent the way you handle your task. Keep up with it and you would have absolutely nothing to worry about forever.

I guess that's all I have for now. I have covered most of the points which would ensure a smooth trip through the testing times. However I still feel that I have a long way to go so please feel free to add any points which you think I might have missed. Alright then, do your best and have fun! ^_^

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